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Splash Page Website

The most basic web solution we call a Splash Page. This actually comprises of two pages: a Welcome or Home page and a general-purpose Enquiries page. The Home page can scroll down (there is however a recommended limit to how long the page can realistically be designed for before the result becomes tedious and counter-productive) and can contain text, images, links to other sites, some animation (at the discretion of IIS) where appropriate etc - in fact, all the standard features of a web page that will provide an appropriate solution where budget is the overriding criterion.

Basic Website

A Basic Web Site consists of up to five specific pages. These pages are: the Home or Welcome page, a Profile or About Us page, a Location page(including resizable Google map), a Contacts page and a tailored Enquiries page with an online enquiry form. The Basic Web Site is a fixed bundle i.e. pages cannot be substituted or used for other purposes.

The Basic Web Site is designed professionally to your liking. It might (at our discretion) contain visual enhancements such as image or text animation while providing the platform for additional pages dealing with products, services, information, specifications etc (general purpose pages) as well as additional IIS features (e.g. News Manager, Showcase etc).

The Basic Web Site will equip the client with a truly professional solution at a competitive cost. All IIS websites are built to be compatible on a standard-size Apple I-Pad and are supported by the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

CMS Systems

Single Showcase

An IIS Showcase Page allows our client to create/edit/delete "items" containing information and images that are displayed on a custom-designed page. Each Showcase item can consist of one or more images, a title, a description and a link to an uploaded document. The number of items allowed is unlimited.

The Showcase is ideally used to be a portfolio of products your company supplies or projects that have been completed.

Multi Showcase

The Multi Showcase is essentially the same as the Single Showcase, the difference being you can now organize your items into categories. This is an advantage for a company with many great products/projects to display and makes it an easier, pleasanter viewing experience.

News Manager

The IIS News Manager is an important optional feature that enables a client to create/edit/delete and schedule news articles for the website. News articles can be used to announce important events, new products, specials, changes to the site, changes to the client's company, industry changes etc.

The News Manager however, works differently to most. More often than not, when someone visits a website and clicks on a News or Latest News icon or link, he/she is directed to old information or even worse, a message such as "Sorry, there is no news at present" - a frustrating experience and one that can turn the viewer away from the website.

The News Manager however enables the client to set an expiry date on news articles/items with the result that the attention-grabbing headline for the news only appears if there is actually at least one unexpired article on the news page. There will still be a navigation link to the news page which acts as an archive in case someone wants to see the "old" news articles but if the client has deleted all news articles then even this link will not appear.

Articles can consist of a headline, the article text, date, expiry date, links to another sites, multiple images and document uploads making it extremely versatile for applications other than actual news (e.g. client testimonials).


These are powerful database-driven website features that turn a standard website into a powerful marketing solution.

Depending on requirements, the client may choose from single-tier, two-tier or three-tier solutions. An expanding/shrinking "tree" structured navigation means that all categories and subcategories can be viewed before making a selection. In fact, the system can be configured with links/buttons to expand or shrink fully the navigation tree. Other navigation systems are also possible.

If there are no items in a category, the category name is not displayed (you never get "No Result"). Clients manage all content for the catalogue itself. A user-friendly secure admin panel provides direction for the client in enabling him/her to upload and manage catalogue content including being able to define (add/edit/delete) categories, select whether an item can be displayed (the client may wish to first upload a batch of items or several categories before making them "live") and whether or not an item should automatically appear on the Home page (as a "special" or new product).

Additional features for Catalogue websites include a Shopping Cart and a Customer Login & Profile

SEO Lite

As it is becoming more and more important for one's website to not only be found in Google, but also to be well-placed in Google's search engine results, website owners are turning to expensive, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists, to ensure their sites are indexed in Google's vast database of websites.

The first, even vital part of website optimisation is to ensure that appropriate search phrases (keywords) are placed correctly in the website, along with other important structuring of the website's code (HTML).

IIS SEO Lite is a one-time set of economical Search Engine Optimisation activities, performed on your behalf by experienced IIS web engineers, aimed at ensuring your website meets all recommended requirements for full Google compliance.

A Google-compliant website contains properly-structured keywords, a sitemap and meaningful, relevant content, title and description, aimed at ensuring the right number of keywords are indexed by Google so that your site can be found in Google, according to the keywords you have chosen.

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