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IIS Group Notices

04 November 2020

Please note that Flash is being disallowed by web broswers by end December 2020.

This means that IIS Group admin functions that use Flash for uploading files will no longer work.

We are busy upgrading all sites to eliminate Flash in the admin system - this will apply to Showcase pages, News Manager pages and Catalogue websites.

Older sites that use Flash animations in the presentation of the website will require redevelopment - this will require a quotation from IIS. We are contacting all such site owners to remind them that sites using Flash animations will need to be re-engineered to remove or replace the Flash animatiuons.

The IIS Group Team.

27 March 2020

Please be aware that new government regulations require all SA websites to contain on the Home page a link to the official government coronavirus website

As we host and support many hundreds of websites we cannot possibly update them all at once.

If any IIS Group client receives a complaint as to why the client's site does not display the required notice, please refer the complainant to IIS Group via email: info@iisgroup.co.za

The IIS Group Team.

21 March 2020

In response to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) emergency, we wish to advise that for customers' safety and that of our staff, we shall not be holding physical face to face visits/appointments until further notice.

Fortunately, the technology is readily available to enable face-to-face appointments/meetings via video link, using Skype or WhatsApp so both for sales consultations and development support meetings. We shall make use of telephone and these technologies so we can continue to provide top-level sales and development support to our valued customers.

All staff are respecting President Cyril Ramaphosa's call for social distancing and we trust you will understand and respect the need to further that in respect of business, as far as possible.

Visit our Coronavirus site via the CoronaVirus information link at the top of this page for the latest news/status and information on the pandemic. If you like the page, add it to your Facebook page and ask us to put a link to it on your own website - and please feel free to send any suggestions you might have to expand and/or improve the site.

Be safe,
The IIS Group Team.